Wakey, Wakey

Years ago, she sang her lullaby in a voice reserved for when she wore the vampire costume at Halloween.  Wow, and to think, I let her look after my babies for one week while I took off on a southern vacation with my husband, another one of her kind.  My poor babies, innocent, still forming their minds, precious little babies.     

One thing is for certain, she bit me on the neck as did the next one.   Somehow both sets of fangs just grazed the surface and only a little of the venom penetrated the skin.  I fell asleep to the deep and low voiced song of her carefully formed lullaby. My youngest wasn’t so fortunate.  And with a double edged sword I jab–there is no greater guilt than that of a mother who harmed her own child.  

“If only I could pay for my sins,” I said.  (to be continued)

“How would you do that?” he asked.

“Well, if God would just rip off my arms and legs, then I would feel as though I’d paid the price.”

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