Vital Force

There’s something to be said for starting the day with a song.  For me, I listen to the birds in the trees and the busy buzzing  bees and I know there is a good world out there.  I want to be part of it.  

“Look, look, look,” she said, pointing at a pair of fledgling magpies sitting on a log.  “That’s you and your sister.  When you’re out in nature you have to look around or you’ll miss things.”  Those were words of wisdom from my mother.  And if I think about it, I also got a creative mind from my mother.  And I was given a genius working memory from my genes.  And I was given life from my mother.  So . . . I am learning to be grateful to my mother.  And the funniest thing is, as I’m grateful to her, I am grateful for more of life.

So . . . thank you.  And with that thought, I’m going to drink a glass of water.

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