Tenderize Those Liquid Eyes

Harsh words cut deep.

Ruby red blood 

Runs in the keep 

But only one can tell.

Yet she denies

With fierce eyes

And scratches like a tiger

With anger rising higher.

Harsh words glance off. 

“Boomerang,” I scoff.

Giggles, giggles , arms spread wide

Giggles, giggles with merry eyes.

Yet still she denies.

And now with tired eyes

She wants to hear the secret,

Which I want to tell but yet . . . 

I am afraid. 

Sheer bravery deflects the knife

Kind words illuminate the night

And tenderize those liquid eyes

Envision an ocean

Wave upon wave in motion,

Feel your pain within your gut

Fifteen seconds then let it out

Tenderize those liquid eyes

Tenderize those liquid eyes.

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