The red headed woman

With the black, black heart

Danced through the night

And continued in the morning light

What others saw

Was not what was

Or was it?


And just so you know

She’s one strong


Needed a cow or two

Just to push on through

Thanks for asking to dance

You taught me how to prance

She’s outta the gate 

Came from way behind

Taking it on the inside corner

Here she goes

Transport trucks driving

All through the night

Growling, speeding, braking tight

Each one energized

Watermelon wine

And applesauce,

Saskatoons and cereal,

And a bird flapping 

Around the schoolroom

Choice Coffee in white cups

Picked up on the side of the road

Mom took the green ones

That I desired

Man on the roof, hammer down

Ladder fell right to the ground

Romeo found his Juliet

Sitting and singing when they met

Not what your thinking though

Mind where you mind goes

Forgiveness comes to the strong one

Always the weakest in control

Oooh the long low notes

of the trombone.

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