Taking Charge 

Morning news of a heightened health crisis in my province centered around the area where my children and grandchildren live.  What can I do? And what should I think?  I choose not to worry as that’s already a defeat.  So now I’ll take to dancing in the kitchen again to alleviate my anxiety and put a little joy back in my life.  

Moving to the beat lifts me out of the pit and helps me to see beauty around me.  There’s always good to be found like the simple candle behind the old shutter I accordioned in the corner.  The light flickers through the slats and adds a soothing touch to the living room.  I find joy in the wine I’m learning to make from the crab apples dotting my yard.  And I find beauty in the tropical plants on the grocery store shelf.  The image of the plants sitting in their splendor is one I keep in my head for times I need a pick-me-up.

It’s my duty to myself to find beauty and joy in my life.

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