My Humble Thoughts on the Health Card Passport

Yesterday, I got my health card ‘passport’ allowing me to go into a restaurant if I choose to.  I feel a little like it is controlling and against my rights, but at the same time, I understand people need to be kept safe and some people have immunocompromised loved ones at home and I can’t imagine how I would feel if I sent them home with COVID.

So . . . what do we do?  Do we follow like sheep or do we rebel like bulls?  I choose the path of least resistance because, in this case, it opens up greater opportunities for me.  The whole world seems to be standing on its head.  The greatest preparation I can make at this moment, for my own safety and peace of mind, is to connect with Jesus and ask Him to make things right in our world.  

The other options such as purchasing butt loads of toilet paper and explosive amounts of canned beans seem like feathers in the wind.  I cannot seem to fortify my castle enough to prevent COVID from entering but I can guard my mind. 

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