Shreiking Shower

Ah the morning shower is no longer the place where I will stand in steamy goodness dreaming of sandy beaches and ocean waves.

Lately I’ve been on a path to better myself. So I woke up and went through my morning duties like let the dog out, make the bed, start the coffee and today I decided to bottle the wine first thing.  Then I went to take a shower.

Shrieking water! It was so cold it burned.  I’m trying something new I learned from Dave Asprey, the innovator of bulletproof coffee.  Dave says to start taking cold showers and that I’ll hate him for three days but by the fourth I’ll absolutely love him.  

It is true, I don’t like Dave very much, but I feel more awake and revived now that I’ve dried off, even though I donned the warmest clothes I could find. Dave says I’ll change my mitochondria and make it less fatty so I’m better able to accept rapid change. The theory is that if  you’re designed to accept rapid change you are more resistant to letting stressors affect you.  

Here’s to a lower gas bill and a higher stress tolerance!

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