A Mother’s Prayer

(Loosely based on the melody of Rita MacNeil’s “I’ll Accept the Rose Tonight”)

For years and years I had guardians 

but not the kind you see,

A mighty lion by the gate 

stopped the words flung in my face,

And blinded eyes to sterilize, 

keeping me in his grace. 

I loved my lion so tender and dear 

and kept him in my sight.

The back door had a dragon of lore

And no one ascended the steps.  

His shiny scales told printed tales

of dashing knights who save.  

And what I thought was my safe spot, 

was only a prison cell, 

And now I’ve peeked beyond the keep 

and see a world of love.

If I could teach my daughter

to guard her doors so well, 

then surely I can pray and tell, 

asking angels now to dwell.  

It’s time to toss the lessons wrong 

and propose His precious key,   

Asking Him to right the wrongs 

and break the bonds we see.

And now I’ve peeked beyond the keep 

and see a world of love.

I do pray with mighty strength 

my babies’ hearts will mend,

And all His children sang 

“A-a-men, A-a-men, A-a-a-a-mennnn.”

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