Swim Team

So how ya doin’

What’s your name (Her)

What do you do 

In your day?

Shooting rocks across the lake (Him)

Wrestling bears on the take

Building fires from bow and stone

Not wanting to go it alone

Oh dear I like glamping (Her)

Painting nails while I’m camping

Micro popcorn in a jiff

And an ice cold, nice and stiff

I can be a stiff for you

Just say “do me” little sue (Him)

How bout we compromise (Her)

Whisk me away and see sunrise

Just a jiffy, in a sec (Him)

Watch those heels you’ll break your neck

I’ll wear flats and campfire cook (Her)

I’ll be game, just you look

Nice to meet you,  (Both)

How you do

We are swimming

In the dew

Backstroke, front stroke, butterfly (Both)

No snow angels flutter by

Are we finished, Is that it?

Are we over into it?

Let’s play house now (Her)

She said please

Wait a minute (Him)

I’m a tease

She’s was open in the needs (Him)

So I won’t pay for the dreams

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