Glory Daze

And the radio played on . . . rewriting her story to her glory daze.

Taking a page from her daughter’s book, Annie took a shower and just when she was about to plug the kettle into her bedroom outlet in order to make herself a peppermint tea–she laid her head down for a rest.

Upon waking, she stretched with a grin on her face.  Then went on the prowl for her computer and her magic radio.  

Reminiscing about the time she spent with her mother just a week prior, she tiptoed out to the living room as she had done then as well.  This time, though, her daughter was on the couch and not her dear mother.  This time, also, dear Sadie (the dog) was sleeping and upon waking was calm after having slept for a few hours.

After a loving snuggle, Annie led Sadie outside to run in the predawn darkness.

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