A Short Story

Dear daughter loved a teddy bear. She snuggled on his knee and shared a secret or two, or three.

Dear Grandmother loved a teddy too.  She snuggled up to him as he would have her do.  And then it did  end.

Dear mother met him and pushed and in the end told to say, cause teddy did like her.

The  word was said, and mother knew and thanked  the blameless as they often do; because, you know, she loved Him too. 

And now he’s alive, and to be found, and  His silent command still captures the ground.  

Today I stand with megaphone and say out loud, “I’m coming home. It’s your love.” I say to her, and her, and him. “ It’s time to cause the light to shine.”

The deed is started, now speak and say and learn to play by causing the deed to be undone and strengthening the buds of your tongue. 

So now it’s time for the child to lead, and speak in gentle voice and deed.  And plant the seed of communication in this time for convocation.

Acknowledge the care of the grooming bear toward the babies in his lair.  And tell those babies their stories to share.

And the bear is happy and the bear is glad and the bear again is a little lad.  This lad once too a secret had.  A secret he so carefully hid, and now it’s time to open the lid.

The greatest happiness is the secret shared and exposing it begins the loving game.

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