As the Sun Rises

It felt so good to sleep until a normal hour and at 5:48 she sat down at the computer in the near dark room with a soft radio playing in the background.  This was such a change from the times she had stumbled from her bedroom with the thundering elephant steps both she and Sadie had used when her mother was on the couch.

She couldn’t wait to continue the story she was plowing through.   If only I could gobble up the Bible like I feed off fiction,  well . . . it’s not what you think, it’s what you think, she thought. 

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, this she knew well.  With her learning disability she avoided reading the Bible in case she ever ran into the devil and he ran her into the ground quoting Bible verses that she didn’t know, in contexts she couldn’t locate, in order to confuse and befuddle her even more.  No, for her, she felt it safer to learn from human nature.  Oh, and a direct line to her Jesus.

It’s simple, she reasoned, just talking to God and asking him to guide her.  It wasn’t always easy, no, she had to check her ego at the door.  But oh so healing it was and she took the now moldy pumpkin out to the compost pile and lobbed it like a basketball out of the baseball park. It’s worth mentioning that the lid popped off and Sadie was delighted to play with it.

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