Whistle Blower

And then the boldness began. One tweet, two tweet, three tweet, four. Controversy seemed to flow from her fingers as she found one scandal after another online and blasted them over the internet. But her purpose was to incite others to action. Her purpose was to expose the issues.

First, there was a high ranking government official who exposed a bogus vaccine, then there was the Pope who knew the vaccine was produced in part from stem cells of aborted fetuses, and the Catholic church Archbishop who stated all parishioners must be vaccinated.

Next, she tweeted an article about a priest who maintained his church doors would be open to all people, regardless of vaccination status. And finally, she tweeted about a school principal who supported all teachers in their personal stance regarding vaccinations.

Interesting . . . following these actions, she found her Facebook feed blank and wondered what would happen to her twitter feed.

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