Soldier On

During the last Bible study, the leader looked at one participant and said, “Batman, did you find your Robin?”

“You mean the bird . . . tweet?”

He looked straight at Annie as he said it. And then the wheels started turning. Could I, thought Annie, be part of something bigger? Could I join forces and learn how to make a real difference?

She private messaged Adam , “Hey Batman, what forces are you fighting?”

“To me, venom is social control,” he responded.

So, she thought, is it wolves or soldiers who hide in Bible studies?

“I like to sing,” wrote Annie

“I know,” he said. “You’re in if you want to be.”

Annie took a deep breath and wondered what sort of things Adam was into. It was one thing to tweet a few controversial newscasts, but it could be quite another to actively combat social control.

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