Fear Dispelled

With swirling emotions, Annie prayed. “Dear God, help me to be the servant you want me to be. Help me to know when you’re hand is on my work.”

With that, she started to look at politics and consider the lives of others, and consider the state of her world. And she looked outside to see the sunshine on the dry grass, turning it to a golden hue. She knew the sun shone in all parts of the world. And she saw the effects of the wind, causing the poplar leaves to dance. And she knew the wind blew throughout the lands. And she knew she had a small part to play in a much larger play. She stopped acting and started studying the book she knew she could trust. The Bible.

You see, for many years, in her great fear, she had shunned the study of the Bible, not because she shunned God, but because she feared the Devil. Annie felt that if she ever met Satan he would run her into the ground with his knowledge of the Bible and she would become confused and lose her faith in God.

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