Chocolate Mint

With a sense of relief, Annie went home and, kicking off her shoes, walked to the cupboard to root out the chocolate mint weed chocolate bar she kept for special occasions. Breaking off a piece, she studied it and then popped it into her mouth, knowing that twenty minutes later she would be laughing at what she had done.

As she put the dog out, she realized there were bags of dung sitting by the back door from when she had picked it up in the yard. With a grin, she thought about throwing out a pack of matches just to make it easy for the tricksters.

Chuckling at herself, she picked up the phone . . . “Hey Adam, I did it!”

“Oh, I didn’t think you would go through with it. How do you feel?”

“I needed to destress with a little weed, but I’m okay”

The call ended shortly after, and Annie sat there wondering about what she’d done and if she’d gone down another rabbit hole looking for validation in a world devoid of human contact.

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