While waiting for the dialysis episode to be over, Paul and Annie were talking.

“Thank you for agreeing to teach me financial investing. I need to warn you though, that it’s going to be frustrating for you,” Annie said.

“I won’t get frustrated, I can teach anyone,” he said.

“Everyone who’s ever tried to teach me has gotten frustrated,”

“That’s because they think linearly and probably can’t keep up with your questions.  They probably are in the dark as to how to answer you. Don’t worry, I’ll be able to teach you, and it won’t be hard.”

Annie felt like crying and thanked God for the positive turn in her life.  Then she was hit with feelings of guilt related to the planted video recorder in the confessional booth.  She knew she had to go back and retrieve it, and was afraid, whether or not she listened.  You see, she suspected a government ploy to placate the public into a false sense of safety while all their freedoms were swept away, and she was torn between listening to sacred conversations between a sinner and a man of God and possibly exposing a corrupt government. 

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