Due Date

As the Elevation Worship song “Available” played on Annie’s computer, she struggled with the whole idea of the hidden recording device in the confessional booth.  Lost in worship, she cried out to God and asked Him what she should do.

The next day, Annie went to church as a missionary.  She walked to the booth and, once seated, spoke these words . . . 

“Father, forgive me for I have sinned.”

“My child, the good Lord forgives all those who will repent.”

“Father, He can forgive you as well.”

With that, Annie tucked the little black teardrop recorder she had previously hidden in the booth into her purse and exited.  Her stride was slow and steady as she walked the four blocks home and, once in her apartment, shut and locked the door.  Then she plugged in the device and listened.

There were the usual supplications and then there was the Health Minister . . . 

“I struggle . . . we’ve shaun the sheep and a blizzard is coming.”

“Be calm, my son, all the lambs will be taken care of.  We have provided for them.”

“Even prisoners get bread every day, but we’re trying to take away their living water.”

“Suum cuique my child, to us it’s due.”

Annie then looked up a reputable reporter.

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