Waiting and waiting for the text to show

Wondering if I’m in his thoughts

He’s surely in mine

Think of him all the time

His hands are strong

And he can carry his own

Around the tools in his shop

He has the key to unlock my heart

Waiting, waiting impatiently

For the heart shaped emoji

Long distance relationships need work

Nothing is easy, that’s for sure.

Wondering why I’m setting the stage

To be left in the texting and calling age

I want marriage, plain and true

He’s not committed a lifetime through

Is it my mistake

To get involved

Even in every other way

The attraction is there

Can like turn to love

And can love endure

An uprooted individual

With an ideal home

“I’m not moving,” he said 

Plain and sure

Decisions abound in

A mighty mire

Too soon to tell

But a warning bell

Goes off like a chime

Of a wedding decline

The tradeoff may just be

Too large for me. 

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