Climbing Out of Sorrow

We love our sisters,

The Afghan women;

The mothers with their daughters,

The daughters with their sons.

With voices shackled,

And education, and vocation . . .

It’s all too much to comprehend.

And yet we must.

We foreigners, are peeking

Into their forlorn world,

With almost half the babies suffering

With stunted brain and body growth.

Ascend Athletics is 

Calling out to our hearts,

To do what we can

To give Afghan women a start.

An unusual path 

Through athletics attack

The fibres that keep 

The women back.

As said by Ascend

All women deserve

Rights, respect and power

Our voices and our dollars we send.

We promote the leadership

Leading women leaders through

Athletics to make the mind tick

And the body strong. 

Ascend | Leadership program (

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