The Needle Sharp

She was clean

And then used again

The vultures peck your heart.

You wanna yell, you wanna swear,

You wanna kick her out.

It’s not the same

As you would think.

She lies and keeps the secret safe

She sleeps and snores and hides

In the dungeon of the cellar.

You just want to tell her

The truth is out

You know all well.

The shame she feels is real

The use is just so she can feel

Some sort of dopamine.

And for sure,

You know the pain she’s going through.

“I’ve been there too,” you cry.

For other reasons/actions true

But you have been without dopamine.

And so I care

And need to show

Her how I love her and not

Make her go

But the dance is slow

As we stumble along

Each wanting to hear

The other’s song.

I just don’t know

What road to go

I just don’t know

What road to go.

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