The Train Called SIS

(Saskatchewan Income Support)

With his head

In his hands he said:

I have no joy

Using 4k a month of meds.

The disease is a shameful

One in more ways than one.

To the doctor you’re a subject 

Who he over medicates.

The nurse is often patronizing,

The workplace ignores you.

And society abhors you.

Your family destroys you,

Discounting you as a child.

My brain is fogged

With each pill I take

It makes my hands 

And fingers shake

It twitches my face

And disturbs my gate

It keeps me awake

In my depressive state

As it’s designed to block

All happiness.

My life is a misery.

But they think

I have an easy ride

On this free train

Called income support.

So I said: Let’s pray

For newness

that works with you.

Let’s pray for a

more holistic path

And if you know

You’re made by God

In a unique way

You can find the gifts

In your illness.

Maybe you can stop the fight

And come to enjoy the flight.

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