Personal Renovations

Massive renovations are going on.  They’re scraping off the old layer of tile by way of the traffic tickets still outstanding that will be paid today.  The mud on the newly drywalled walls is being sanded as I prepare to get in the car to drive to the court house.  The new oven came today so I can start to cook once I sign the surety papers letting him out of the remand center.

“There are several jobs available here.  I hope we can both find work,” I told him.

“I’ve always been able to find a job,” he said.

I long for the time I can put the paraphernalia back in the closets and cupboards too and head outside and get out of this zoo.  I’ve joined a program too, to lose the excess donut around my midsection.  As this goes, so will the inhibitions I have to meeting new people and being den mother to one on house arrest.

Will I be a strict ‘parent’ and not let him go into the store to get smokes while we drive to the allowable doctor’s appointment.  And will I allow him to go into the post office to get the mail with the key.  Speaking of keys, will I have to hide them so he doesn’t sneak out at night to galavant around the neighbourhood of our 200 person town.  

Or will I shut my eyes as he cajoles me into letting him take the quad for a ride into the city?  Will his friends come out and sneak him away in their trunk?  Will he take a habit from the resident dog and rush to greet the visitors who stop by from time to time, happy to see some new faces?

Will he be able to put a new face on in the new space.  The tattoos will remain and likely the swearing too, but will the restless need to live on the fringe get trashed like the outdated lights in the kitchen?

Oh how will it go in the newly renovated house–will we sleep well and eat well and have good dreams?  Hope looks in the window and likes what she sees.

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