Sitting with a good friend, Kay laughed at the memory of how she used to sharpen her nails into little points and apply iridescent pink polish to them. 

“You wore nail polish?” he said, looking at her now jagged nails.

“That was when I had more time,” Kay said, looking down and balling her hands.

True, it doesn’t take long to file your nails, she thought, but the whole package has lost its lustre and I would feel like a fake just looking after the nails on these gnarly hands.  And what good would it do to have painted claws when the rest of the package looked dowdy at best?

Sometimes I hate the glimpse of my life I get when looking through another’s eyes, Kay thought.

“What would be the first thing I changed to make myself more attractive to me?” she asked her friend.

“That depends on what you value the most,” he said.

“I think that would be independence.  I lost that a long time ago.”

It’s not about my appearance, or my intellect, or my accomplishments or even about my family any more.  It’s about my own ability to make my way in the world.  And if I’m going to walk with purpose, I need to practice self care.  

So where would I start, she thought.  With a little education, and a lot of guts. Common Blind Spots When Working on Self Care – ABC of Health and Wellness Thank you Dave Kendrick.

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