Reshaping My Outlook

As I sit with my new motivational planner I fight the feeling of being a fake.  Who am I to play executive with the mighty agenda filled with trivial pursuits such as paint the door jambs, shovel the snow, buy groceries, etc.

One motivational video after another this morning and I decide I need to reshape how I see myself.   And so I go back.

One day, while walking on a path in the forest, I heard a ruckus in the dried leaves not far off.  Going to investigate I noticed the leaves were disturbed but there was no living body in sight.  I left the area and carried on, only to hear the rustlings again.  Of course, I went back to look and again found nothing.  

So then I laid in wait, hiding behind a giant rock.  The first five minutes went by and nothing happened.  I was ready to give up when I both heard and saw them–little brown bunnies chasing each other, darting back and forth in the leaves in a great game of tag.  They looked to be having so much fun.

That’s when I realized they were actually in training for a life and death game with a coyote or other predator.  Isn’t that the best way to train a youngster, let them play a game and envision themselves as victors or at least happy participants and when they experience reality they have pleasant experiences to fall back on?

So . . . my little power planner is my adult game.  I’m in training . . . and when I come to the point of filling my planner with so called important tasks, I will remember the sense of accomplishment I felt crossing off finished items on the list and will repeat the positive behavior.

Since I’m actively completing the Morning Mindset and Evening Journal sections of the agenda, I’m learning how to bring peace and clarity to my life.  No longer will I feel like a fraud, now I view myself as an achiever in training.

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