Platypus Spirit

All the platitudes are

as strange as a platypus:  

Let go and let God, 

Do your due diligence,

Good things come to those who wait, 

The early bird gets the worm.  

So I would be spinning 

in circles if I let others’ 

opinions and well meaning 

advice decide my actions 

in the present 

and the future. 

There was a sermon 

about golfer’s elbow 

and how the affliction is caused 

by the tight grip on the club.  

When my thoughts club 

my mind, I will take notice 

and give up the strikes.

Let worry, fret and fear

Control and pride and dominance

Slide away like a sour grape

Skin peels back

And body slips

Leaving a stain

On my hands

That can be washed

By my Father’s Son. 

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