Into the miry muck of misery

Some hit the bottle,

Some hit the food,

Some hit the others,

And some hit the mood.

Looking for peace, love and joy

And finding myself wanting more

The words I long to hear

As the melody draws near.

It’s not what one may think,

But a healing kind of love

That lifts one up from darkness

And spreads the light of laughter.

It’s not of fame or fortune,

Or being someone special.

It’s all about being someone,

Someone living, breathing, feeling.

Just to feel pain and sorrow and 

Counter that with joy.

Just to see the beauty in the clouds

And find the life in the light.

To touch the primal beat,

To move in touch with heat,

To hear the words so longed for

With melody so strong. 

That is what was always


That is what was never


Until I went from listing

off the couch of sorrow

To move with abandonment and

Loose the soul locked inside.

That’s all it was

That’s all will be

Just seeking cheer

All to me.

And thanks to others

That was found.

And thank the artists

For sharing love.

And thankfulness to Him

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