Empty Nester Quester

How to fill your time

As an empty nester

Has been a question

For the quester.

You ignite the fire

Within your soul 

to find the foal

You left behind.

You learn to play

And have some fun

You organize your house

and go for a run.

You learn to speak

Another tongue

You find some friends

And do some good.

You bake some cookies 

And eat them as you

Knew you would.

But freeze some too

You play the radio 

And feel love from 

Something bigger

Than you.

You dance around the living room

As though you had

A partner.

And your life starts to bloom.

You start a gratitude


And pick up the phone.

You’re in a new zone.

You organize your closet

Putting together outfits

Tucking excitement into

each pocket.

You walk the dog and

Play fetch with her

You hug her once, or twice, or thrice

And feel the love magnified.

You start to garden

With the lettuce stem

On the kitchen counter

Then . . . 

There’s something about

Growing things that

Stirs the nurturing 


And eating the produce.

Trying not to think of 

Cannibalism as you munch

On the babies you grew.

You learn a new skill

Whether it be leather

Stamping or wood working,

painting , drawing, writing, cooking

Crocheting, small engine repair

Computer programming,

Origami, bookkeeping, beekeeping

Animal husbandry,

it all works to the good.

You use that forgotten

Library card and find gold

As you know you would.

It’s information and entertainment

All for free and all

outside of the four empty

Walls that cry for empathy.

With abject loneliness.

That is, until you

Find you like your little nest

And your own company.

Find you are more than

Just a mother.

You find the person

You once buried for the other.

She lives in the 

Otherworld, that entity

Of happiness and joy,

And peace, and serenity.

Find her.

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