Love Apples

She could 

hear the violent 

wind howl 

it’s lonely cry before 

she opened

the door. She tied her belt 

round her coat 

as a symbolic gesture of

faith.  Then with a defiant 

shake of her chin

she gave attitude 

to her shoulders

and straightened 

her back then stepped 

out onto the landing.

Immediately, the wind whipped

her hair round 

her head causing

the hairsprayed locks 

to javelin her eyes,

and threaten to dissect 

her cheeks, almost impaling

her lips and hammering 

her words

back at her.

But she knew the gold-

brick wind had no 

hold on her;

And tread with slow sure steps

as though nothing were 

there and went to pick 

apples to feed

her family in the famine 

of their minds.

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