Soul Apathy

There was a drought,

Years ago,

And the desert wind blew sand, 

That stung my eyes and forced them closed.

It scraped my synapses and foiled


And my heart was lost

in sand dunes.

But constant effort 

To smooth dunes and 

Polish the synapses

And rediscover the heart

By way of Youtube videos.

Continuous searching for 

Obscure sense of self, 

For passions and hobbies

And likeness felt.

Like reading and writing and drawing

And walking and yoga and building

And life has sent up tender

Shoots of goodness, trust, and hope

And all the while I cried out 

And also praised my Lord

Knowing He was in control.

And life is blooming now.

Yoga for the body,

Talking for the mind,

And praising for the soul.

The greatest of these is 

Love for Him and then 

Myself and happiness does abound.

Communication in my mind

Is flowing once again

and then, and only then,

May I reach for another.

Let your essence be free to be

One with the Lord and give

Praises to He. 

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