Apple Face

Sometimes we feel stuck

With a stick up our ———-

Like a pig on a spit

With the fire, roasting, burning

Sacrificed to feed the masses.

Start with what 

You can do.

Everyone can do

One thing.

And when one task is finished

Just move along.

Task, and task, and task complete.

Then the juices, they are flowing,

Munching, noshing on the spit,

Ever heard of an apple face?

My friend 

Just get down to it–

Create a thing that’s 

Full of beauty (or fun) or

Even settle for just nice.

Leave the angst 

In the dust.

Just set the timer

On to 15.

Rush and rush and

Focus hard.

Then in no time 

You’ll be started

And from there you

Can continue.

Try it!

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