The Magic of Visualization

Post fifty fitness is achievable to be sure.  The 83 year old woman who’d been heavy for decades decided to lose weight and gain muscle after she watched a cohort glide by her window with a straight back and fluid motion.  

“I want to be her,” said Jacquie.  And so she started to stretch, vacuum with gusto and dance round the living room.  She began to volunteer to look after the small gardens around public buildings in town like the bowling alley, the church, the library and such.

People were only too happy to have her look after these gardens and as Jackie became known in the community as a worker, she started to carry herself with more self assurance.  

It wasn’t long before the businesses noticed this woman working away in grace and peace that they started to ask her to clean their buildings.  And so, as an 83 year old formerly heavy , lonely, and out of shape woman, she has transformed herself to be an employed, fit, vibrant woman of grace.  She is my mother, and if she can do it, so can I.

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