Morning Musing

This morning I’m feeling like an athlete as I’ve had to tackle so many hurdles in the kitchen already.  There were cookies on the counter, chips in the cupboard by the coffee and a box of chocolates in the middle of the table.  A definite purge has got to be done.  

So, is it wrong to gift others with your junk food?  Is it kind of like saying, “This isn’t good for my body, but I thought you’d wear it well?”

Or how about, “I noticed those jeans looked good on you, how about we do something about that?”

As I sit with my morning coffee, I think of dancing down the beach in my two piece, laughing at the waves playing at my feet.  One self conscious hand to my stomach and those dreams come crashing down.  Straightening, I decided today I will eat consciously.  Today I will choose drinks responsibly.  Today I will walk willfully.

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