The Call of Comfort

The tubby tummy is happy yet the mind says eat a snack. Deciding to be conscious of the food I do intake, I ate a very tiny slice of coffee cake.  But then I went back a time or two or three or four and ate and ate a row or more.  Oh drat, oh darn how can it be that my waistline grows and shows like a snowball down a hill?  

The more I think of food and drink the more my mouth does water.  And water does not quench the thirst for comfort in my mouth.  So  I get busy with something else I do enjoy.  But then I find I’m baking, all the more for the taking!

So all that’s left is to go for a timely outside walk.  One foot two foot, right left right. Plodding first, then stepping light, as I watch birds in flight and see the leaves dance in the trees. Of course all though, when I return, the thought of food again on my mind does burn.  But the craving is lessened and lessons learned, get out of the house when the stomach yearns.

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