Oh Baby!

They met earlier, but the first time they talked was over breakfast at the hotel.  Later they bumped into each other at the bar as well. 

Tara had left her home in fear and walked three miles down the dark highway pulling her thin coat tight against her neck to keep the whipping wind and swirling snow out. She met Ron as she stuck her head out the motel door the next morning and saw him standing with a smoke outside the adjacent room.  

They chatted, and went for the free continental breakfast together.  Tara just needed someone to talk to.  That night, Tara went to the bar to relax and unwind and saw his friendly face at the end of the bar so she sat with him. 

She didn’t know if he was embarrassed by her attire.  She was wearing large untied snow boots and tights, a baggy sweater, naked face, and uncombed hair.  Tara had fun though, and so did Ron, they watched the tv in the mirror behind the bar.

“Turn around,” he kept saying to her.  

But she wanted to limit the number of people who saw her in that disheveled state so stayed laughing and talking about the antics seen on the reflection of the tv. 

To be continued . . .

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