Oh Baby! Part Two 

Things were going well and there was a happy ease in their meeting.  He purchased her dinner and after a drink and a half she took herself back to the motel room, saying, “I don’t drink often.  I’ve had too much.”

Not long after there was a knock at the door.  Soon after, Ron was sporting a nice shiny eye and Tara had a purple elbow. 

Tara had come home from the bar and was so tired she collapsed on the bed with her snow boots still on.  When she answered the door she could barely walk and she stood there swaying and stated, “I’m going to fall.”

He tried to catch her and they both tumbled.  

Yes, there was some kissing but nothing else.  She didn’t want it and he respected her for that.  She remembered telling him her dream that she was pregnant.  But she might have neglected to tell him that it was a dream.  And he told her he wanted kids, but, in hindsight, Tara knew he was serious.   

To be continued . . . 

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