Oh Baby! Part Three

Tara checked out the next day and returned to her home which had been vacated by the people she was afraid of.   The pets were happy to see her and Tara settled into normalcy.

About lunchtime, Tara noticed she was missing her coat so she drove into town to pick it up from the hotel.  

“We don’t have it here,” the front desk clerk said.  So Tara went off to the little pub she had visited the night before and after inquiring and being told they didn’t have the jacket either, she sat down to lunch.  

It didn’t take long for loneliness to hit and Tara took her plate to a table with a pair of ladies and asked if she could join them for lunch.  People do strange things when they’re lonely.

After they left Tara went up to pay and saw Ron sitting at the bar again.  “Oh hey, it’s you,” she said.  And they sat down to chat.  This time she bought his lunch. 

He told her he was waiting for his rental to become available and had recently separated from his wife.  Tara asked him if he wanted to rent a room from her instead of staying at the hotel.

To be continued . . . 

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