Oh Baby! Part Four

Renting rooms out to people was something Tara had done for years.  She had the naivety of a four year old, but that’s another story.  He came for supper that night.  But didn’t call her for a week.  

And when he did, he needed a place to crash.  So, since Tara’s mother was visiting and using the spare bedroom, he slept in his truck.  He moved into the house to sleep shortly after. 

Like kindred spirits they had a connection, one that was tender, thoughtful, fun, exciting and serious all the while.  It didn’t take long for a tentative plan to share the duties of the house and land.  It just so happened, like it was meant to be.  

And it also didn’t take long for a talk on the couch while they were both high and lost their inhibitions. 

“I really like you,” he said.

And she knew what was coming by the catch in his voice and the unspoken “But.”  She felt her face getting hot and ducked her head to hide her eyes.  Little did she know that made her look weak.  Little did she know she empowered him further.  But when he said I want to stay friends she raised her head.

To be continued . . . 

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