A Pit Of Despair….#Poetry

Literature World

I loved you
with all my heart
and soul
but maybe
I don’t know how to connect
and express my love.

It was
a real feeling of love,
not a betrayal
but a lie
and not intentional.

Believe me or not,
you are everywhere
in my conscious
and subconscious mind
and meditation.

I know
I have brought bitterness
into our lives
and once the relationship
is cracked
and repaired
the stain remains forever.

the hurricane
is raging in my mind
because I believed that
you love me too
and our souls
are connected
to each other
but alas
I think I was wrong.

gripped me
so much that
this stage of life feels like
a boat sinking
into a pit of despair.

©️ Jane Aguiar

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