Turtle Toddle

What is it about society

That we feel the need to be

Instantly gratified in all we do

The diet that says lose 30 in 30

The language course that says learn a

Language in 90 days,

The house that gets totally renovated 

in a weekend.

We live in a super fast world.

My journey will take months,

And months of conscious choice

To rewire my brain and

Slenderize my waist,

To strengthen my legs and 

Eradicate my bat wings.

What shape would I be in

If I didn’t participate in weight loss now?

Sometimes, it’s the journey that is most

Exciting, not the destination.

This time, I vow to drop the weight and flab

Slowly, very slowly, simply, healthily, stealily,

And entirely free from pressure.

This time, I will do it for me.

I consider it a gift to myself

To lose the weight I hate.

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