Oh What Have They Done

Hungrily combing through the sales flyers

Looking for affordable prices on 

Wholesome foods.

Turkeys at 2.22 a pound,

Mushrooms and yams on sale too.

Hurry, hurry, get there fast

Shelves will empty if you’re last.

Too many times

She has arrived to see the shelves

Bare of the sale items.

Flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder

And such is priced out of


Still though, there’s the 

Wrinkled face peppers, and spotted bananas,

The charcoaled top cauliflower 

And the dense bread that must be toasted.


For the time being,

At least.

This spring,

The lawn will be stripped

In favor of the flavor

And price of home grown


Even seeds have become


but still a better value

For now.

And in all this,

She’s learned 

To purchase heirloom seeds

And collect them during harvest

And she’s learned to be

Thankful for her food.

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