Love Out of Nothing at All

Out of sin a child came in to further invade the woman.  A violent act against her and she bore a life inside.  A raging battle of her mind as she fought to love her child.  An idiot box did plant  a seed that grew inside, and nourished by a mighty fear, became mammoth sized.

Steadfast in her love for the child she guarded the secret well.  For more than half a century, as a soldier she stood strong.  Brave of all bravest she chose to keep the secret buried well, knowing where with it she would go.  

The child was small but a fighter indeed with a will to live brought out of the mother’s need and a  beating heart that almost stopped in fear.  Feeling like the last, the least, the littlest, and not worthy being.  Fear of the mother handed down grew a powerful monster in the child.

Love from the mother kept her in check and did not expose her tender neck.  To bed, to bed with you little one, no scary movies and no jumping fun.  Keep grounded, she said, so you don’t lose your place, the one that I’ve bought you with all of my grace.

The child watched the animals and learned the language they speak.  But in her path were many who with actions they did teach.  The battle in the child’s mind was much the same as Mom’s, and feeling of unworthiness was incubated well.  

The sense of hope did not recede despite the many trials, and then the past remembered  reared it’s ugly head, and gave her terror sleeps .  So fear rose and rose again until she could not bear it.   And on her own she undertook to slay the dragon in his lair.  

Boulder turning made her stronger on her own will power, but Bible teaching ever reaching she found the secret strength in the gentle tower.  With love she tore the dragon’s voice, then gave a song to sing, and only when she learned to pace did she enjoy the game.  

There is a time, a time for everything and keep your mind at home.  The greatest dragon slayer sword is cupid’s tender way.  And only when she laid her life down for her daughter too did the sun shine brightly in the land for me and you and you and you.  

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