The Interview–Part Two

“Youtube,” I love you. “ Thank you.”

Since it was late and I was tired, I just went to bed with the assurance that Youtube had the key to the computer mystery.  Upon rising, I read over my little presentation points and recited them as I moved the computer around the room checking my image on the screen and trying to get the best angle that showed my face without all the bags and lines.  That proved to be an impossible feat.  

Well, the sun had risen by the time I resigned myself to just being me and letting the advertising gods see there’s actually gold in the golden years.  These are the words I spoke into the unforgiving electronic screen . . . 

“Hi, I’m Colleen Nederlof, and shopaholics have a love/hate relationship with me because I use poetic prose to advertise.  

I learned how to do this at a lowly little job as a night auditor that I decided to make the best job it could possibly be.  So, I started to write training manuals for staff, and checklists for extra duties, and cautionary notes for the other night auditor.  It wasn’t long before management realized what I could do, and gave me even more writing assignments, including asking me to come up with marketing ideas for lagging sales at the hotel.. .

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