The Interview — Part Three

That’s a far cry from the job I had as a kitchen helper in the mess hall on the army base where one of my duties was to count grapes for the fruit salad.  I remember my dad once said, ‘Never join the army, because they don’t let a man think.’  I guess I’m just a man who likes to think.

Recently, I had an opportunity to read Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic, and I realize now I’ve had an absolutely amazing life.  And I know, the future holds even more promise for me.  Immediately after closing the cover, I wrote Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere, which is a short story that puts a humorous spin on a gutsy action I took that had unpredictable results.  You can read about it if you like, it’s in my portfolio.

I’m a good writer.  And I like to write.  And I like to infiltrate people’s thoughts with my words.  That’s how you sell.  

I’d really value the opportunity to chat with you again.  You know how to reach me.  Bye for now.”

With a slight wave of my arm, showing the silver charm bracelet on my wrist, I hit the button ending the recording.  ‘Well, it’s as good as it gets,’  I thought, and sent it off to the advertising gods.

From then on I was put on Tik Toc and my privacy was gone.

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