The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss

I was a loser in two ways–

Lost some pounds 

and new dresses fit

Then took the plunge

Into old packed boxes

From years ago

Clothes still too small

To my great woe.

Out of lettuce to my despair

One way to progress 

And eat a salad a day

Is to pick the dandelion leaves

Before I spray, and thank

The Lord for providing this way.

A little nasturtium in the mix

And I have the base of a salad fix.

I will, I will fit in again

Those clothes so tight 

And pulling in.

I’ll work and work on the land

I’ll refrain from letting sneaking

Get out of hand.

I was good yesterday

And the day before

Now I’m shooting for

Four more.

Don’t give up

Shun despair

The habit of eating

Is still there

But choices now

And better then

They were last year

And once again

I’ll dog through the winter

of the overweight path.

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