The Little Tailor

Taking out a twelve inch knife from the drawer, I sliced off a piece of Armstrong cheddar cheese and devoured it.  I smelled that dog fart for the rest of the day and into the evening.  Needing to find comfort, I played with the pliable wax ringing the lit three pillar candle as if I were able to manipulate the world.  

It wasn’t until I accepted the street dog in myself and identified with the living loving entity I am that I relaxed enough to go to bed.  I couldn’t remember my dreams but I know I woke with joy in the morning.  Joy and a peace in my soul that I am lovable and with a realization that I can love myself.  

Following that personal insight, I was flooded with some people’s good intentions.  A good friend shared her mentor with me and showed me the value of having one.  Then my mentor revealed herself to me.  I am grateful.  

The situation reminds me of the parable of the little tailor Seven At One Blow – Brothers Grimm Tales | Bedtime Stories ( .  Once I stopped trying to manipulate things, my peace and wonder and contentment grew.

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