Upon Waking

Waking with the sun in my face and a song on my heart I let the dear dog out and noticed the light was shining in the basement.  I descended the stairs with the intent of conserving power when I noticed my guitar case standing unused.  Not knowing how to play it, I picked around a little, noticing the dog was calm and happy too.

Much later in the day, bringing the guitar up and letting it lead me in my unique vibrational tone I then set it down in the corner to breathe and poured some wine and lit a candle.  Leaning into the teaching on the internet I felt like I was with old friends and life is good.  

There is a freeing in the understanding that I’m asking for more but accepting myself where I’m at.  I’m feeling like a worthy person, I’m feeling like I have accomplished much, I’m feeling like I have a life of abundance and joy.  I have so many friends and a mentor and some deep connections.  There is a man for me I know to share my house with.  And when he comes to his vibrational tone I’ll join him happily.

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