My First Day “Behind Bars”

I was so inspired by this post from a fellow blogger. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My Life in Our Father's World

This past Saturday I was privileged to be on the New Life Corrections Ministry team that visited the Stateville NRC near Joliet, IL.


Stateville Northern Reception and Classification center is the largest intake facility within the Illinois Department of Corrections. Nearly 2,000 male inmates cycle in and out of the facility each month. In addition to handling intake, NRC manages court and medical writ inmates and contains a Minimum Security Unit. (see for more information)

  • As part-time jail & prison chaplains (& chaplains in training) our mission was “simple”:
  • Go cell to cell in groups of 2 or 3 and distribute Bibles, study materials, Christian periodicals (i.e. Daily Bread), literature on the aftercare programs that Wayside Cross Ministries provides, as well a some good Christon fiction.
  • Answer any spiritual questions the inmate might have.
  • Pray with and for the inmate (call them by name)

I have spoken with quite…

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