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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Mature Worker

 May 2, 2017  Michael Caicco  Human Resources

A mature worker is not always a first choice when hiring new staff. Some people managers admit that they will think twice before hiring someone who is considered a mature worker. Some studies show that employers assume older applicants are less creative, less productive, slower mentally and more expensive to employ. Companies assume they won’t last long because their retirement years are looming or because they don’t have up to date skills to perform the job well. However, although older workers may not have the same tech –savvy skills as some of their younger colleagues, they do have years of experience that can be a huge benefit to the organization. Today we will outline why you should be considering older workers when hiring.

A Mature Worker has Years of Experience

Most mature workers come with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They had long, successful careers while also acquiring a diverse and unique skill set. A mature worker will require less training which saves time and potential billable hours. Travel and frequent absences also lessens as their families have grown up and require less attention. 

The Hiring Risk is Lower

When on-boarding new talent, most companies will have spent countless hours and resources screening, interviewing and training a new employee. No company wants to spend all this time and effort on a hire that may leave in six months or a year. A mature worker will usually choose to stay on the  job longer. This will save time and money finding, hiring and training new staff. The likelihood of a mature employee leaving for a new job with better perks or pay is substantially less.  At this point in their career they are often more focused on stability rather than career growth. These are qualities worth considering when you look for workers.

Strong Leadership Skills

The majority of mature workers are also good leaders. They usually have strong communication skills and recall when communication was not dominated by email and instant messaging. They have great people skills especially when it comes to face-to-face communication. This is an essential skill in the business world and a skill that junior staff sometimes struggles with. They also serve as great mentors to younger staff moving their way up in the organization.

Service with Experience

Another great quality that most mature workers have is excellent customer-service skills. They have years of experience dealing with people and tend to be great problem solvers. They  use the knowledge they have acquired over the years to create positive solutions.  Their experience can also help them identify and rectify inefficiencies within your business, making them a valuable asset.

A Mature Worker knows what they want

Mature workers know what they want and will not beat around the bush. Considering a mature worker has worked a majority of their lives, they are not searching for the next opportunity like junior staff.  An older worker is more interested in stability, whereas a recent college graduate is more concerned about moving up the corporate ladder as quickly as possible.

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