Blooming Later in Life

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches” Philippians 4:19.

Letting loose with the truth in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ means to me to own your own inequity. I found this with the happy, marching tunes of Reggae music and I’m happy as I think of that presented entity posed against Satan and sin.

The first doctor indeed did read the report and gave medication proven to induce sleep paralysis and hallucinations or vivid and disturbing perceptions upon drifting to sleep or awakening. Also deadening of senses though excessive sleepiness during the day. And still more: temporary weakness in the legs that can happen during the day or night and certain worsening of depression.

After a decade of deadening at the hand of some medicine I stand ready in might. The healing of music is proven in history which the label of lies once hid well. I wake up now to the welcoming of the heart and of the soul. A middle-aged white lady, with a jiggle and giggle singing and dancing in praise. Sending a cry out to the unknown masses to pick up the so call cross and compute a program to bring happiness and joy to Christianity in calamity today.

A gentle door closing to gentlemen calling and loneliness falling away. With a complete make over with clean clothing of made over mind. This is a marker for a starter of classic attire to bring aspiring humans out of the mire of the mind to the growth to the masses of beauty and joy of the One God with many names. Gently calling and cleaning the classes and fragmenting boundaries with light

With a glimpse of the vision of helping another to a place at the Father’s table. And in the safe place, being filled with the grace of the lovely stretching of family ties. The stretching and growing the tying and bowing of gentle restraining retraining in love.

(Photo by Evie S. of Unsplash)

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